I have been sexually harassed at a number of professional positions in government service. In every instance in which I complained, the harasser’s supervisor or the human resources department supported the harasser.

While many of my harasser’s did leave, they got new jobs (often better ones) in other government sectors with the help of HR and really had no repercussions. I always got squeezed out within a few months afterwards and was demoted or blacklisted. In some instances, I had to deal with the press writing and posting articles about my victimization.

Women should not have to put out or get out (literally one supervisor screamed this at me) in order to work for wages. Our lives are difficult enough. We need to continue to call for an end to the mentality that it is okay or acceptable for women to be treated in this manner and it is time we stop suffering in silence or simply leaving without complaining - as I have also done.

Being silent only serves to keep the problem under the radar and perpetuates the abuse of other women and sexual violence at the workplace. Standing up against workplace abuse becomes a badge of honor, mutual respect and a symbol of pride and empowerment!
We can change the culture if we continue to work together and put an end to tolerance of workplace abuses.


Danielle Kando-Kaiser