Los Angeles Times - 10.19.2017


Nancy Pelosi: ‘It’s Your Problem If You Don’t Recognize That Women Are Ready To Do Any Job’ [article]

Colleen Shalby

Nancy Pelosi knows what it feels like to have to prove herself in politics simply because she’s a woman. She says she experiences the pressure every day.

But “it’s your problem if you don’t recognize that women are ready to do any job,” the House minority leader said in an interview before a Summit event hosted by the Los Angeles Times and the Berggruen Institute on Wednesday night.

When she decided to run for a leadership position in Congress, Pelosi said a man questioned her move.

“As if a woman had to be told she could run,” she recalled. “We just laughed and said ‘poor babies.’”

In the midst of a growing sexual misconduct scandal centered on Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, many women are sharing their stories of sexual harassment and assault. No industry has been spared — women at California’s Capitol signed an open letter Tuesday outlining “pervasive” harassment in Sacramento.

Pelosi said she wasn’t prepared to share a so-called “me too” moment, but she thanked the women who have.

“The sheer numbers speak eloquently to the fact that we should get to zero tolerance,” she said.

Danielle Kando-Kaiser