CBS Sacramento - 10.23.2017

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Independent Investigators Looking Into Sexual Harassment At Capitol [article]

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Independent investigators hired by the California Senate will now begin looking into claims of sexual harassment and assault in the state Capitol community.

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon says he hopes to weed out acts of sexual harassment alleged victims claim are woven into the culture at the capitol.

Even as De Leon announced the hiring of two independent firms to investigate harassment and assault claims, women who work at the Capitol to change the culture are calling for further action.

“This is not about identifying one bad guy,” Capitol lobbyist Pamela Lopez said.

Lopez is a partner at K Street Consulting who has published her own claims of sexual harassment by a lawmaker inside the Capitol. She is also part of a women’s movement called “We Said Enough.”

The group is forming a non-profit to help alleged victims seek legal advice and counseling.

“We’re not interested in punitive measures; we’re not interested in punishing anybody,” Lopez said. “We want to have a conversation about moving forward. How do we make sure that the political community in California is a safe place for women to work?”

The plans come as Sacramento Police confirm they are also looking into a sexual assault allegation against Assemblymember Devon Mathis. The allegation was published by a self-proclaimed nationalist website called American Children First.

“Based on the allegations, its something that we look into and we take very seriously,” Detective Eddie Macaulay said.

A call and email into Mathis’ office were not returned.


Danielle Kando-Kaiser