"tell us your story" submission guidelines

1.     A ‘personal story’ is defined as your story of being involved in or impacted by harassment in some form, whatever that means to you. It might involve your opinions and analysis of what happened to you, as well. It can be about a specific event, your overall experience, or the impact such events have had on you personally.

2.     Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for your story to be read and responded to. If your submission is time-sensitive, please note this in your email and it will be responded to in a more immediate manner.

3.     Even where permission is provided, not all personal stories will be shared on the “We Said Enough” websites or related channels. Reasons for this might include the quality of writing, similarity to other stories already published, the ability to identify a specific individual (even when care has been taken to remove relevant personal information). In some instances, “We Said Enough” may contact you prior to publishing your submission. This outreach may include suggested edits, changes, deletions (for length or to preserve confidentiality), or additions, and will happen in collaboration with you.

4.     Unless an affirmative written request to include such information is otherwise made, an author’s personal information (defined as name, email, and contact information) shall remain confidential. While such information will never be published or shared without affirmative written permission, a submitting author must provide her or his full name and contact information in order to prevent system abuse and allow for verification of information as necessary.

5.     Regardless of whether or not your submission includes the personal information of another individual (including name, email and contact information), such information will not be included in any published submissions without the express written permission of the individual. Absent this permission, any individuals referenced in a submission will be anonymized.


Instructions for submission

1.     When you submit your story to please ensure you have edited it to the best of your abilities grammatically and structurally. It will be assumed that your submission to “We Said Enough” is a final draft.

2.     No personal information will be published, or shared, by “We Said Enough” without affirmative written permission from the identified individual.

3.     Even though great care will be taken to remove an author’s personal information (defined as name, email, and contact information), please consider carefully whether you are ready for your personal story to be published online, before you submit it.